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Team-Brutality TS 3 Server
Team-Brutality Server

{TB}Team-Brutality was founded in August 2005 by {TB}Killer.

(Read Team-Brutality Clan Rules)

He had a keen interest in creating a place where tactical realism was genuine and where team oriented gamers could hang out, and come together to make it happen. So, an 18+, tactical-play oriented community was born.

Since then, many have joined. We are blessed with a rich diversity of brothers and sisters that range in age from 18 to 60+ years of age and hale from all regions of the world. We have one primary thing in common among us - an interest to promote our style of play in our game server, and a desire to offer tactical gamers a place to escape the overly fast-paced action of many run-n-gun environments and the stress left over from a long work day.

While we originally started as a single game clan with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the fracturing of the PC gaming community by developers over the past few years has brought us to a place where our members enjoy a wide variety of games such as: CoD: United Offensive , CoD: World of War , CoD: Ghost, CoD: MW2 , Battlefield Bad Company 2 , ARMA 2 , CoD: Black Ops , Battlefield 3 , CoD: MW3 , CRYsis , World of Warship , Warface , Tom Clancy's The  Division , Battlefield 4 , Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Black Hawk Down, and many others    variety of RTS and simulation games

In addition to PC gaming, we have also started recruiting for The Division for xbox one.

We also have a fair number of members & guests that join our TS daily. No matter what game we choose to play, platform we play on, or how many play it, one thing remains... our community is one of like-minded gamers that enjoy the social side of gaming almost as much as the games themselves.

If this sounds like you,
please feel free to stop by our server and join us on teamspeak to see if this might be a great home for you!

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2 days ago {TB}Jace
An EMPTY server is also a HUNGRY server !
right now our server is starving for nourishment !
PLAYERS are the food that servers need to stay alive !
So i need everyone's help to come and feed our STARVING beast !......
It's going to need a lot of food and i can't carry it all myself, so i am asking for your help carrying all this food !!
SO, come on people,...let's get - r- done !!!!
3 days ago {TB}Jace
thank you for your donation Lotus !
4 days ago {TB}LotusMember
havnt been around much due to having wanting to leave because of the inactivity, however im still alive and most of you are still on my facebook, i havnt done that for any clan i have ever been in, i like you guys and hope we can all get together soon maby play a few rounds, i know theres some dealing with the aftermath of irma, heather and Sal hope you guys are safe and well.
4 days ago {TB}LotusMember made a donation of 20.00 USD
5 days ago {TB}heatherfish <ADM> made a donation of 20.00 USD
5 days ago {TB}Mudtoe <ADM>
i like you to are newts member {TB}warsgamer12345
5 days ago {TB}warsgamer12345Member just joined our community, welcome!
1st Oct {TB}Jace
A DDoS attack this morning against our webserver led to a filter that was preventing status responses from CoD 4 servers from reaching our site, causing our Status page not to show the server as online. This filter has been removed now, the server is appearing online again.

problem all fixed and server is back up now !
29th Sep {TB}Jace

MONDAY --- Star Wars

TUESDAY --- Shotties

WEDNESDAY --- Black Ops2

THURSDAY --- Modern PaintBall / Hide n Seek

FRIDAY --- Ace Mod

SATURDAY --- BrainFreeze


Also Open To Other Suggestions !
28th Sep {TB}Jace
Just finished editing the server.cfg files in most of our mods.
Now each time someone joins the server, the list of mods and the days they will be loaded, will show up on your screen as soon as you enter the game.

Just so everyone will know which mod is running on each day !

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$20.00 USD
4 days ago
{TB}heatherfish <ADM>
$20.00 USD
5 days ago
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