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Team-Brutality TS 3 Server
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Clan Rules and Information
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Joined: 6th May 2016
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31st Aug 2016

What is expected of Team-Brutality clan members:
No Hacking
This is straightforward and obvious. If you always have to be at the top of the scoreboard at the expense of others with the use of game enhancements, or other programming that facilitates unfair advantage, this is not the place for you.
No Racism or Blatant Disrespect
Racism will absolutely NOT be tolerated here. We have many clan members from different countries, and cultures. We embrace diversity and value differences.
Honorable Representation
We do not own you, nor is it our job to babysit you. Thus, as a member of {TB}, it is your active responsibility to represent us with honor, wear your tags proudly, and conduct yourself with maturity inside and outside our servers. Remember, you are the face of our clan. Please do right by us.
Open Communication
Communication is an integral part of our clan. The discussion of ideas, frustrations, changes, and more is what binds us and helps us to continuously improve and grow. Constructive feedback is always welcome and necessary.

What does it mean to be in a clan?
Loyalty.  Pride.  Honor.  Family.  Respect.  Communication.

When you join a clan, you become part of a family. When you are part of a family, you strive to represent your family with honor and pride.

Loyalty is an absolute foundation for any clan and no one should ever join without the precise decision to be a dedicated member. In addition, to be part of a clan is to strive to make that clan a positive, rewarding environment for other members, help grow that clan through honorable representation among different platforms, and always show respect to others outside the clan environment. 

Communication is paramount and necessary. Sharing new ideas, discussing issues, and giving feedback is a key factor in the success of a clan and how you can be a valued part of what makes a clan successful. To be in a clan is to be part of something greater… somewhere you can always call home.

So… before you consider joining a clan, make sure you know what it means to you… and what it will mean to your potential clan brothers and sisters. It is not a casual decision and you will develop friendships that will last a lifetime. 
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Last Edit: 31st Aug 2016 by {TB}heatherfish
Forum » Forums » Clan Information
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